Terms and conditions

Subscription Terms and Conditions
The subscriber agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions of applying for membership on the website as follows:
1. Subscription Do not incur any expenses
2. Applicants must fill in various details. Completely in fact This is for the benefit of the applicant if it is found that the applicant's information is not true. The website will suspend the applicant's use without prior notice.
3. When the applicant has applied for membership The website will send a member confirmation code (Activate Code) to the e-mail that the applicant has specified for the applicant to confirm membership (Activate). The applicant will then be able to use the Username and Password to access the system ( Log in)
4. Any person impersonating or doing any act which is a violation of personal rights by using other people's information to pretend to apply for membership in order to obtain membership rights regarded as fault must be punished according to the law
5. The applicant must maintain the password. or the login name in the member system is confidential and if others can access from the way Applicant's name The website will not be responsible in any way.
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