Koh Tapaonoi Lighthouse corresponds to the Nautical Markings Division, N.S.S.O., located at the top of Koh Taphao Noi, Lat 7 49′49′′.12, Long 98 25′37′′.10, A. Mee. Area 58 rai 2 ngan 93.5/10 square wah, built in 1899 with house number 1, Sino-Potogiese architecture, originally used kerosene lanterns. Changed to using cetylene gas in 1927 and changed to using solar energy on 22 August 1997. The tent was built with Concrete tower bricks, painted white. The fire is like a white fire, flashing 2 times every 20 seconds. The height of the tent from the base to the lantern is 11 m. The height from the center of the lantern to the sea level is 68 m. It was transferred from the Marine Department when .2462 during the reign of King Rama VI.

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